Gefond represents leading suppliers in the diecasting industry and distributes foundry equipment Of technologically advanced light alloys.
Through its innovative technical solutions, it supports the trends of the manufacturing industry as it prepares to face the challenges of the sector.

the 5 divisions of Gefond

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Gefond Products

represents and distributes consumables and technological equipment for light alloy foundries

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Gefond Software

researches, develops and proposes solutions to improve production efficiency and extend plant life

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Gefond Technology

researches and develops innovative and sustainable production systems for diecasting

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Gefond Service

provides services to improve and simplify the work of the customer

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Gefond Academy

is the training platform for operation, maintenance and process technology

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Sustainability and digitisation

for a more environmentally friendly production process and to offer higher service levels and improve safety



for a long life industry

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Anticipate failures and reduce downtime

Let your machines talk to Perpetuo

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My daughter's entry represents innovative ideas and a fresh vision of the sector and the possibility of giving continuity to the work carried out in almost thirty years of business activity.
My father and I represent a successful case of generational continuity both in terms of the company's consolidation and the new Gefond projects.
Pierluigi and Tiziana Tronci
Founders of Gefond

2022 Numbers

  • 35 % downtime reduction thanks to PERPETUO predictive maintenance software
  • over 150 foundry and machining machines connected to PERPETUO predictive maintenance software
  • 97% of technical interventions successfully concluded
  • 100% satisfied customers with augmented reality
Plants sold