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Come visit us at EUROGUSS 2024 booth 330/Hall 9

GEFOND will present in Euroguss 2024, booth 330/Hall 9, the range of thermoregulators HPDC BY GEFOND and Perpetuo, the software for predictive maintenance.

Download brochure PERPETUO

Download brochure HPDC

HPDC – Fiera Euroguss

PERPETUO, the software for predictive maintenance.
Anticipate failures and reduce downtime.

PERPETUO is the platform to monitor data from the entire die-casting cell and apply predictive maintenance to the complete cell on all machines for any model worldwide. Excellent results so far for both die-casting machine and peripherals.
PERPETUO can be easily integrated with any other management, production or maintenance software available on the market.

Watch Björn Wollin, CEO Wollin, who speaks about the relationship between Gefond, Wollin and the software Perpetuo.

HPDC – Fiera Euroguss

How does PERPETUO work?

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence models to identify abnormal behavior, PERPETUO transforms data collected from sensors installed on plants or from machine PLCs into useful information for predictive maintenance of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic parts subject to wear and tear or failure.
Cloud computing ensures the secure storage of big data collected by machinery.
The software uses sophisticated mathematical algorithms, which analyze the data and calculate the risk that failure of a particular component may occur. The system sends an alert reporting the criticality before the failure occurs. Visualization dashboards complete the operating system.

HPDC – Fiera Euroguss
HPDC – Fiera Euroguss

Innovative sustainable and integrated 4.0 solutions for the die-casting, low pressure and gravity industry.

HPDC by Gefond manufactures water and multi-circuit cooling and temperature control systems for industrial applications. Based on Greenbox technology, HPDC by Gefond develops a complete line of machines dedicated to light alloy foundries.


  • Innovative cooling system
  • Highest flexibility of operation
  • Multi-channel with one pump
  • Extreme ease of installation
  • Maximum temperature 180°C
  • Immediate switching of heating/cooling phases and vice versa
  • Extreme ease of installation


  • The lowest electricity consumption
  • Fewer temperature controllers per diecasting cell
  • Negligible consumption of compressed air
  • Minimum heat loss
  • Absence of compressed air in piping
HPDC – Fiera Euroguss
Greencasting: ideal for minimal lubrication and structural castings

Given Gefond’s experience in optimizing die casting processes on both the thermoregulation and spraying sides, and having experimented with these processes in several foundries, we have seen that the combination of Wollin spraying machine and Greencasting Hpdc thermoregulation control unit succeeds in best optimizing the process.

The use of release agents for MicroSpray technology, such as oils and concentrates, changes the melter’s approach to the spraying process. Whereas previously the focus was on cooling the mold with spraying, now the focus is on using it solely for the main purpose for which it is done: to allow the casting to come off the mold.


To get the maximum results for the use of this technology, it is necessary: -microdosing the product: nozzle accuracy and repeatability are critical. – The removing of heat by thermoregulation, as this is no longer subtracted by the evaporation of the water-based release agent.

Centralina EN_

Hpdc control unit by Gefond combined with MicroSpraying

Gefond offers the ideal solution to combine with this type of spraying: the Greencasting Hpdc by Gefond pressurized water multi-circuit controllers. Thanks to the possibility of having differentiated cooling for up to 30 circuits and a large heat exchange capacity, the Greencasting control unit allows to manage and dispose of the amounts of heat involved in the case of MicroSpraying. In this way we arrive at a correct and homogeneous mold temperature before spraying. Our Greencasting control units, in order to increase heat transfer compared to conventional thermal control units, use a pulse working method.
In this way, the flow from laminar becomes turbulent, thus increasing the heat transfer coefficient by 30%.

Simulation performed showed these results.

Greenshell: temperature control units for low pressure and gravity

The customer had a concentrated shrinkage porosity problem in a specific area (a dowel). The mold’s temperature control circuits were manifesting a sharp drop in flow rate a few days after cleaning in addition to pockets of vapor obstructing normal flow. Thanks to our Greenshell control unit with 4-bar working pressure and closed and filtered circuit between the mold and the machine, the scrap rate went down from 25% and stabitzed below 5%

grafico OLEF _EN

In the test at New Olef, thanks to Greenshell, the scraps rate went down from 25% to 5%.

Greenjet for jetcooling technology for plugs and microchannels

Based on the new requirements of foundries, we developed a new Jetcooling control unit for microchannel cooling. Starting from customers’ needs, we modified some operating parameters and added some functions: the working pressure is now adjustable from 7 to 19 bar, we introduced direct reading of the flow rate of each individual circuit (on time), circuit leakage testing at each cycle, and Microsiemens reading of circulating water with alarm for exceeding threshold. It also does not require sophisticated filtration. Greenjet 50 is prepared for predictive maintenance with Perpetuo software.

GreenJet50 EN_

On Jan. 15 at the plenary session on die casting, organized by BDGuss Federal Association of the German Foundry Industry at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center, Daniele Sagone, sales technician of HPDC by Gefond, will present “The new frontier of temperature control in foundry: energy saving, process optimization, and predictive maintenance.”