Innovative temperature control units, predictive maintenance and augmented reality


Foundry Research and Development

The patent for the Greencasting temperature controller of the HPDC by Gefond line, which saves up to 85% electricity, is an example of this, as is the development of an augmented reality system, a tool used extensively by our technicians to carry out technical interventions on installations without leaving the office. But the feather in the cap is the creation of Perpetuo, the artificial intelligence software for predictive maintenance tailor-made for the foundry. Sustainability and digitisation are the common thread running through Gefond's Technology Research and Development division. Gefond Technology researches, develops and distributes innovative and sustainable advanced diecasting production systems.


The predictive business approach, thanks to Artificial Intelligence, saves costs, improves productivity by reducing the frequency of costly unplanned downtime, improves profitability, offers better service levels, and improves safety and environmental performance.


Gefond researches, proposes and sells technologically advanced energy-efficient and sustainable plants through lower CO2 emissions, greater energy efficiency, lower consumption of natural resources, and longer plant lifetime.