Transition 5.0

HOMETransition 5.0

Gefond's technologies are solutions that can lower your energy consumption and make you eligible for tax benefits under the new Transition 5.0 Plan

Transition 5.0

The Transition 5.0 plan targets companies that will make new investments in production facilities in Italy in 2024-2025 as part of innovation projects that will achieve a reduction in energy consumption.

GREENCASTING mold temperature control units
Our multi-circuit pressurized water electric power units, thanks to a patented method of mold thermoregulation synchronized with the production cycle, achieve energy savings in production of about 85 percent. The system also makes it possible to reduce the thermal delta of the mold during the cycle, extending its life.
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WOLLIN and AED (Micro Spray)
Micro Spray lubrication technology makes it possible to reduce cycle times, water consumption (and consequent disposal), compressed air use, and aluminum temperature in the holding furnace, as well as to significantly increase mold life-all of which leads to huge energy savings (dependent on each specific production run) of up to 70 percent.
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FOUNDRY4 (ThermDos dosing ovens)
ThermDos dosing furnaces are "closed" holding furnaces, which do not have large surfaces of liquid aluminum exposed directly to the air. In addition to this, the journey the aluminum has to take from the furnace to the press container is much shorter than with conventional bowl feeders. All this translates into energy savings of up to 40 percent compared to conventional basin furnaces.
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MMP crucible furnaces with recuperative system
Molten Metal Products has developed has developed a series of furnaces that incorporate a recovery technique such that the fuel is used more efficiently. This new technology makes it the most efficient product of its kind. It has been demonstrated in the field to achieve a 40 percent energy reduction compared to conventional gas-fired furnaces.
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KROWN (tower melting furnaces)
The tower melting furnace represents the ultimate in efficiency for aluminum smelting. In addition to being able to achieve energy savings of 30 percent for smelting, aluminum drops of less than 1.5 percent can be achieved.
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FRIGEL adiabatic cooler, the replacement for the evaporative tower
Ecodry is a centralized closed-loop adiabatic cooling system designed to replace the old evaporative tower technology. Ecodry is installed outdoors to dissipate heat extracted from processes into the environment, achieving water consumption savings of up to 95 percent and energy savings of 15 percent.
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PERPETUOUS, the predictive maintenance software
Predictive maintenance allows energy consumption to be kept under control and reduced. If components are worn out or have malfunctions they force the machinery to work with increased effort, unnecessarily wasting energy. We have verified a 35% decrease in downtime. As a result, we detected an increase in OEE. PERPETUO's kit dedicated to 'energy efficiency correlates the analysis of data collected from energy consumption with machinery data allowing us to understand in advance if more energy is being consumed than necessary and correct anomalies. Systematic application of the detection and analysis systems results in energy savings of at least 20 percent.
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