Revamping lubricators

HOMERevamping lubricators

Revamping used lubricators

Give your lubricating equipment a new lease on life with our overhaul service

GEFOND's long experience in the diecasting machinery industry enables us to expertly carry out the overhaul of used lubrication assets.

Aging of lubrication systems, even with good scheduled maintenance, is an inevitable process that leads to slow deterioration in performance.
To obviate this risk, we have well-established partnerships with our represented companies to offer you a quick and comprehensive repair and overhaul service that guarantees:

  • High skills
  • Troubleshooting
  • Inspection and fault diagnosis
  • Reconditioning and replacement with original replacement parts

In addition to value for money, reconditioned machinery also saves natural resources and preserves the environment. In fact, a reconditioned machine requires less use of new raw materials and saves the energy needed to produce a new one.

Revamping lubricators
Revamping lubricators

With our overhaul service, your lubricator will be as good as new. Repairs are made in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications, in accordance with regulations, and using only original replacement parts.
Thorough reconditioning of used machinery is carried out in our workshop, such that it can be repurposed with a guarantee of absolute reliability.
The overhaul process also takes into account so-called enhanced maintenance, which brings machinery up to the technological state of the art, incorporating, where possible, technical solutions found on newer machines. GEFOND's reconditioned machinery guarantees reliability, quality and longevity comparable to that of new machinery, with the goal of maintaining efficiency at the peak point (BEP = Best Efficiency Point).

Revamping lubricators

The process the machinery undergoes consists of several steps:

Analysis and budgeting phase

  • Disassembling and washing the machine
  • Thorough inspection of worn, damaged, or missing parts
  • Assessment of components to be replaced and/or repaired

Repair, replacement and improvement phase

  • Repair and replacement of damaged or defective parts with new materials
  • Troubleshooting found on the basis of previous
  • Possible implementation of technical improvements

Commissioning phase

  • Re-assembly of the machine
  • Complete interior/exterior repainting
  • Testing and acceptance

If required

  • Installation at the customer's site
  • Cycle function test